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We know that everyone is gearing up and getting ready for the Christmas shut down. However, please be aware that the Courts and the Royal Mail continue to operate during this period. You can still be (validly) served with Court papers during this shut down period!

We have had clients being caught out by this. They will have received post and have been served with a new claim or an application in the case of any ongoing litigation. These will inherently have deadlines (which can be very short) to meet. By the time everyone is back in the office in the New Year, these deadlines may have already expired or you could be left with insufficient time to deal with matters appropriately which means you risk having a costs order or Judgment order being made against you. To save such a panic, we suggest that you make arrangements to check your office post from time to time during the Christmas office closure period. If you do receive anything which requires urgent attention, we are open throughout the Christmas period (save for the national Bank Holidays) so please feel free to call us for help.

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