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We can assist Landlords with tenancy eviction and recovery of rent.  Given our knowledge and experience we have a full understanding of the benefits and pitfall of taking certain steps and endeavour to provide practical advice at all times.

We usually offer this service on a Fixed Fee basis (save for exceptional circumstances that involve unusually complex or time consuming cases – in this event, we endeavour to give as much notice as possible and provide an estimate of further costs).  The general guideline with regards to the process and our charges (save for exceptional circumstances) are set out below:
Stage 1
Sending Letters Before Action to Tenants/Guarantors –  £150 + VAT per letter. This charge will only be applied if the Tenant vacates the property. The fee will be waived if further action is necessary and you instruct us to undertake that action.
Stage 2
Serving Notices for Eviction
If the Tenant failes to respond to the intial letter, our charges are as follows:-
– To serve a Section 8 Notice – £150 + VAT
– To serve a Section 21 Accelerated Procedure Notice pursuant to the Housing Act 1988 – £75 + VAT (plus £10 + VAT for each additional tenant)
Stage 3
Issuing Proceedings to obtain a Possession Order (and under Section 8, Grounds 8, 10 and 11), Monetary Judgment in respect of arrears.
– Section 8 proceedings – £600 + VAT plus Court Fee of either £250.00 (if issued online) or £280
– Section 21 proceedings (when the tenancy is coming to or has come to an end) – £400 + VAT plus Court Fee £280
Stage 4
Instructing Bailiff to undertake eviction – £250 + VAT plus Court Fee £110
Stage 5

Assistance in respect of enforcing Judgment – please click to see your Enforcement options.

If you want to find out more, then please contact either Mr Stuart Thomas on tel:0151 649 1795 email: stuart.thomas@kjplaw.co.uk, or Mr Nick Brown on tel:0151 6506836 email: nick@kjplaw.co.uk.

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