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When you obtain a Judgment Order against your opponent and they refuse and/or fail to pay, there are various methods for you to consider to force payment out of them.  This is otherwise known as enforcement.  Please click on the above links which will provide you with further information in respect of each enforcement option.  This information is intended as a guide only and we recommend that you speak to your file handler to discuss the options once you have read it through.

The costs outlined are only estimates for straightforward matters and may vary from case to case.  In addition to these estimates, there may also be further charges associated with, for example, advising you on appropriate action and/or negotiating with the debtor.

If enforcement action succeeds, in most cases you will only be entitled to recover fixed costs from the debtor.  Fixed costs are set by Government and are not generous; details are provided with each option.  We will, of course, attempt to negotiate a better recovery but would make you aware that there is likely to be a shortfall in most enforcement procedures.  All of our charges attract VAT at the prevailing rate.

Please see below for your options:

Instructing the High Court Enforcement Officer
Order to Obtain Information (Oral Examination)

Attachment of Earnings (available against individuals only)
Charging Orders
Third Party Debt Order

Insolvency Proceedings

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