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We specialise in business to business debt recovery and general commercial contract claims and pride ourselves on our pragmatic and commercial approach we take on such matters.  We can handle the entire debt recovery process from  sending formal letters before action, issuing claims (and dealing with any resulting litigation), right through to taking enforcement action to recover payment. We will always advise you of the commercial realities of costs and management time spent of pursing a debt matter through litigation and not just advise you on the merits of your case.

It is all well and good to issue proceedings and obtain a County Court Judgment against your debtor and win your case but, at the end of the day, the most important issue for you is whether you can obtain payment and whether they have the means and assets to pay you with.

We pursue debt recovery with this always in mind.  In certain circumstances we may recommend that you obtain a credit/company report and/or other appropriate searches against your debtor to assist you to decide whether to incur further costs in pursuing litigation further or alternatively, if there is a real risk that your debtor simply does not have the means to pay you in full we may suggest that you negotiate settlement rather than incur the costs of proceeding further.  We attempt to assist you in establishing and differentiating between the debtor who can’t pay from those who won’t pay so that you can deal with the debt recovery accordingly.

We aim to provide sound but also commercial advice.

For details of our debt recovery charges please see the documents below:-


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