Order to Obtain Information (Oral Examination) HomeOrder to Obtain Information (Oral Examination)


This application requires the debtor (or an officer of the debtor if it is a limited company) to attend court to answer questions on oath about their current financial situation and to provide details of their assets, income and outgoings.  It is not in itself an enforcement procedure but may be useful if you have suspicions that the debtor has transferred assets to avoid payment.  If the debtor fails to attend the hearing, they commit a Contempt of Court for which they can be imprisoned and/or a fine imposed.



Our fees:
£200-£300 + VAT (not recoverable)

Court fee:

Service fee:
£100 plus VAT Approx. (the order has to be served personally)

Debtor’s travelling expenses:
(if requested; amount varies depending on debtor)



Approximately six to eight weeks



Useful in specific circumstances (as above) and to assist you to determine which enforcement action would be appropriate. The unpleasantness of going to court may unsettle the debtor enough to obtain some payment.



Not actually enforcement action and so recovery will usually require further expense.  None of the costs can be recovered.  Can be easy for an experienced debtor to avoid (e.g. by providing untruthful responses).


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