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If you are a recruitment agency or you know an agency who are having difficulties in obtaining payment for services then please read on.

The Law in relation to the Recruitment industry is specialist and our Keith Jones and Kris Minks are specialists and have extensive experience and knowledge of claims for recruitment agencies.

You may be aware of the favourable and legal precedent decision in the case of Euro London Appointments Ltd v Claessens [2006]. This case is of importance to the recruitment agency sector and determined that a refund of a recruitment fee was not applicable in circumstances where the opposing party had not paid the fee within a specified contractual time scale, which in this case was 7 days from the date of the invoice. This case was successfully brought by our own Keith Jones!

We are experienced in dealing with reasons/disputes for none payment of agency fees, including parties wrongfully seeking refunds, allegations that candidates were not satisfactory, that terms were not agreed and many more.

Cases involving recruitment agencies are slightly different to general contract law claims and this is often missed or not understood by other law firms. Whilst contract law provisions do apply, there are also specialist regulations in respect of recruitment agencies – the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

Knowledge of these Regulations are required in order to be able to provide specialist and tailored advice. Depending upon your terms of business, there can be a number of arguments that can assist in opposing reasons for none payment or other disputes. Part of our service includes being able to advise you if we believe your terms may be missing important clauses.

If you are having difficulties in obtaining payment for placements whether they be permanent, temporary or part of a retained search or you require advice with regard to your terms of business then please get in touch with us and get expert, specialist advice.

If you require any further information or guidance, please contact Miss Kris Minks by telephone 0151 649 1790 or by email:

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